About us

We are an Inter-denominational organization founded in 2004 that has been caring for orphaned, neglected, abused and abandoned children since 2004. Although we do have some children in our permanent care over the years times and circumstances have changed. For this reason, we have expanded our operations to make more of an impact in our local community.

Our efforts include the following:

  • We provide temporary shelter for single unemployed mothers and their children until they can get back on their feet.
  • We also provide short term shelter for children who cannot live at home due to the dire circumstances they sometimes face there.
  • We supply food, clothing, toiletries and school supplies to children from poor families in the local community.
  • We have recently started two projects to empower single unemployed mothers to become self- sustaining and feed their children. These are a vegetable garden - which we expect to be completed soon - and a chicken hatchery where we will raise chickens for sale and food.
  • In 2021 we are also aiming to open a creche / after care facility for children so that mothers who are job hunting can be assured of their children’s safety while they are seeking employment.

Please note we are a private organization funded entirely by members of the public like yourselves. We receive no government funding or assistance from department of social development, (in fact the children we help are often ones that fall through the cracks in the system)

Please donate to this worthy cause and change children’s lives for the better.

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